AKDSL is a strong supporter of corporate decorum and ensures that its employees endeavor to maintain highest ethical standards during the discharge of their duties. The Company has adopted a Code of Ethics and Business Practices applicable to all its employees which is regularly circulated within the Company. A summary of the Code is as follows:

Code of Conduct

Employees must act at all times in the Company's best interests and are expected to avoid situations in which their financial or other personal interests or dealings are in conflict with the interests of the Company. Matters involving conflict of interest are prohibited as a matter of policy and any conflict that arises in a specific situation or transaction must be disclosed and resolved.

Gifts or Entertainment

Offering or acceptance of money, gifts, entertainment, loans or any other benefit or preferential treatment is not acceptable from any existing or potential customer, supplier or business associate of the Company, other than occasional gifts of a modest value and entertainment on a modest scale as part of customary business practice.


The making or receiving of facilitation payments or inducements such as bribes and similar acts in cash or kind are prohibited and the resources of the Company are not utilized for any such purpose.

Accounting Standards

Compliance with applicable accounting standards and procedures is always necessary. The information supplied to the external auditors, shareholders and other third parties must be complete and not misleading.

Human Resources

Human Resource policies are consistent, transparent and fair and staff members are encouraged to make suggestions or raise business concerns. Selection for employment and promotion is based on objective assessment of ability, qualification and experience, free from discrimination on any grounds. Discrimination on the basis of caste, culture, religion, disability or sex is intolerable.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

AKDSL transacts its business in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations and cooperates fully with the government and regulatory bodies.


Employees are bound to protect the confidentiality of information and are obliged to keep delicate information confidential. Use of Company information for personal gain is strictly prohibited. Confidential information must ONLY be used for the intended purpose.

Community Responsibility

AKDSL aims to operate as a responsible corporate citizen, supporting the communities locally and globally and recognizes its responsibilities towards these communities.

Environmental Responsibility

AKDSL is concerned with the conservation of the environment in its broadest sense, recognizing its role in this respect by maintaining responsibility for the building and land which it occupies and it aims to limit its use of all finite resources.