I welcome you all to this, the AKD Group Profile, encompassing an concise overview of our organizations breadth, introducing our people and past performance that place us in a unique position to grow, with Pakistan’s developmental milestones.

Embodying the principles of resilience, the AKD Group has always been a Pakistani organization at heart, something we want to share with you in this profile. What you will also see is a continued push for expanding frontiers, whether it was the introduction of Pakistan’s first online trading portal, index tracker fund or B2C telecommunication services.

The Chinese idiom 水漲船高 and its English phrase “rising tide raises all ships” stands true to the potential for Pakistan’s economic miracle. Our economic credentials are being highlighted, multi-national entities are attracted by our consumer base and the favorable demographics at play.

Pakistan’s re-entry into emerging market status furthers this sentiment. Needless to say, the potential of Pakistan’s industry is not a secret for domestic investors, and is only recently being highlighted by foreigners as well. At the AKD Group, we are in the business of sharing our on-the-ground acumen. Insights honed over more than five decades in some of Pakistan’s high-growth, nascent and borderline business verticals. We have taken the hard bets, and built our Group’s muscle through continuous dedication to expanding the nation’s service industry frontiers, marking the AKD Group as a pillar of Pakistan’s resilient family-run business community.

We commend you in taking the first step and examine this profile and look eagerly to forming a trusted business relationship, mutually beneficial for all involved.

Hina Dhedhi Junaid
AKD Securities Limited