"AKD Securities Limited Collaborate With Kar Muqabla"

Signing Ceremony Empowering dreams through accessible quality education for all, a commitment to building a more equitable and knowledge-rich future for everyone.

"What Really Matters in Life" Workshop by Ijaz Nisar


14th August Celebration

Rejoicing in the hues of freedom and unity as we celebrate our nation's 14th August

Pakistan's Independence Day Celebration At KVTC

Celebrating Independence Day with these incredible young minds, each showcasing their unique strengths and abilities. Together, we embrace diversity and freedom, fostering a brighter future for all. Happy 14th August!

Mango Day Celebration at AKD Securities Limited

Celebrating with the team and enjoying delicious mango treats is a great way to foster a positive workplace culture. Thanking the participants for making the event a success is a thoughtful gesture, and it's wonderful to see your commitment to building an incredible workplace culture at AKD Securities Ltd.

Independence Day Celebration at Chunky Monkey.

At AKD, we believe in spreading smiles!
And what better way to celebrate the future of Pakistan is there other then celebrating the day with the future of Pakistan, our children.
We invited children from Kiran Foundation, Orange Tree Foundation and The Garage School on the morning of 14th August and spent a day filled with fun, laughter and food with them. While the magic show and rides kept the children entertained, their laughter's kept us fueled. what a day!

"Building Minds" Workshop by Mr. Sahib Karim Khan

A workshop on Mindset development conducted by Mr. Sahib Karim Khan and team.